Water Aerobics, Swimming Lessons,

and Distance swim coaching.

Conveniently located in Kihei, Maui, Hawaii, let our swim coaches assist your family with the swimming instruction you require no matter what your current swimming level.

Swimming Lessons and Distance Swim Coaching:

½ Hour – $50.00 add $10.00 per additional person

1 Hour – $75.00 add $10.00 per additional person


Water Aerobic Workshop

“Water Workouts Who, When, What and Why”

Course length:

5 Hours
“This course has been approved by AFAA for continuing education units. It was not developed by AFAA. Therefore it does not count as an AFAA course which is required for recertification.”

Course Goal:

To broaden the educational experience of Fitness Professionals and Health Aware Individuals through understanding and use of aquatic equipment and exercises.

Course Overview:

Education for Water Aerobic Programs to include biomechanical and anatomical awareness and modifications for water exercises

Who benefits:

Individuals of all ages and Special Populations

Class Formatting:

Group participation and demonstration classes

Locations and dates to be determined.
$45.00 plus tax pre-registration fee
$55.00 walk in day of course.